Mysore Classes
'Mysore style' is assisted self practice in a peaceful and mostly silent group setting. It is a wonderfully thorough and individual way to learn yoga and gives you your own practice to take with you and build on wherever you go.
Please advise of injuries, health conditions at the start of the class 

If you are new to Mysore
It is recommended to commit to at least a week of Mysore practice (includes weekends off) to learn the sequence. Initially you'll be taught a short portion of a sequence, appropriate to you, which you can repeat in your own time at your own pace within the group until smooth.
More of the sequence is then added slowly.
So your practice grows organically, as you do.

If you have a Mysore practice
It is recommended to practice each aspect of the traditional Ashtanga sequence up to the point of particular difficulty at which point yoga therapy or a modification can be given to help overcome the difficulty, practice non-attachment by proceeding to the backbends and continue through to the finishing sequence. This tends to allow the body to relax, open and respond  to the difficult posture far quicker than avoiding, forcing or overly modifying the postures. It is a more therapeutic and energetically sustainable way to practice