A large and tropical island filled with rice paddies, beaches, surfing, mountains, lakes and volcanoes. The north of the island is more pristine, serene and untouched, whereas the south is highly developed. Ubud in particular is home to many artists, writers, nomads and spiritual travellers. Rich in art, culture, devotion, beauty and creativity, there are an abundance of healers, teachers and facilitators in just about any pursuit you wish to delve into.  It has become one of the worlds most popular travel destinations and draws people from all over the world. The climate is mostly warm, generally it rains a lot between Dec and March, and is cooler between June and Sept. The rest of the time is hot and humid yet breezy and it rains a fair amount. The best way to get around Ubud is by scooter as the roads are small and busy. If you can stay outside of the centre in the rice fields you will probably sleep better and then ride into town. As it is a developing island, take care to book accommodation that is quiet and doesn't have construction or traffic noise going on. All budgets are  catered for when it comes to food and accommodation from the very low budget traditional warungs (restaurants), Balinese home-stays to mega high end gourmet food and luxury retreats, hotels and all in between. If you choose to ride a scooter, make sure you are safe and confident, first time riding is not recommended here, try some quieter places first! 
Below are a few hints to help you dig under the chaos for a little bit of calm and charm

Places in Ubud  ❤