My main aim in the teaching of yoga practices is to facilitate growth by dropping any expectations to the outcome and allowing transformation to take place. Accepting our selves in this moment is our greatest gift, and a profound vehicle for true transformation. Radiant health and balance arise as a foundation, and then spiritual evolution can occur.
I use the ashtanga system as a framework to introduce alignment and body awareness, working on building a strong foundation by literally finding our feet and connection with the earth. Strength comes from working from the groundwork up and can result in a connected and healing experience.
Whether new to Yoga, or at a level of maturity in Yoga practice; at a certain point, gaining some individual attention, especially if injuries are present will provide the answer to many questions. Popping into general classes can be fun, but it's important to have some focus periods with a teacher in order to delve deeper...progressively building on what you learn, for a deeper, richer more integrated experience. One that can be sustained over a lifetime, or longer…