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This retreat was a truly wonderful experience for me. Prior I had been in a bit of a funk... but no more! The retreat centre is beautiful, the food is healthy and prepared with love and the teachers are experienced, professional and truely giving of themselves. We were fortunate to have a great group of students, and we bonded immediately. It was a unique experience for me as I was the only male out of a group of 12 people. Yoga was great! Food was great! Lectures great!
Andrew, US /Cambodia  

The Samahita retreat is opulant without the materialistic overload! It fits in perfectly with the ethos of simplicity and being one with yourself: "The mountain in the realms of nature" Whatever your reason for coming here, it will give you the tools to implement a sense of purpose and direction. You will leaved informed, enlightened and enriched. A place to be with you, yourself while having the undoubted chance to meet and feed off of other inspirational strong people.
Medina, UK  

I wanted to find, decide, honour, love, live - and I did. It was a true transformational week; I came in stiff, tense and shy. I found my flexibility and beauty again. My body and mind learned a lot from Rachel, amazing experience! My thoughts got a challenge and my spirit found new roads to explore handled by Dorien. 2 beautiful women and 10 beautiful circle members; a holiday for body, mind and spirit in a marvelous respectful environment.
Wendy, Netherlands  

Yoga Therapy helped me with my back ache; L4, L5 Arthosis and stiffness which I had been suffering with for 2 years and been intensely treated by doctors in CH with little result. That was a huge surprise. Many thanks to Rachel!!! She is the best!
Yvette, Switzerland  

One of the most fantastic things about Samahita Retreat is just how much support there is. There is no judgement if you're going through a tough time, just alot of love and understanding and not just from the course leaders, but also from the staff especially the women in the wellness centre. I would definately return.I loved the yoga, Rachel is a brilliant teacher.
Dearbail, UK  

A fantastic experience in every aspect to meet people from all over the world, which highlights how we can get so caught up in the small box we can let ourselves slip into. Opened my eyes to how exciting life can be by just stepping out of the comfort zone to try something that you've never done before. I have grown so much as a person in one week. Thank you. Love to you all xx
Meryl, Australia  

There is alot going on in my body, mind, heart and soul at the moment... And I can feel it, yes I'm starting to feel myself again. That's only possible I guess because of the Yoga, Qui Gong and the thoughts and knowledge of Rachel and Dorien. Thank you both so much! I am sure now that I will find the right place and mission in my life to feel just happy and really good.
Birgit, Germany

What a unique and truly amazing, transformative experience. I feel blessed and privileged to into have spent time with these amazing teachers. This retreat demonstrated in a fun, practical and warm way how the fabric of spirituality and yoga practice are seamlessly inter-connected.
Melanie, Australia  

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