After many years in different countries, S.E.Asia has always been a favourite part of the world. Bali has captured my heart, particularly Ubud with its bustling centre of a thousand restaurants, artisan shops; a spiritual hub for it's rich culture, art and beauty, surrounded by lush rice paddies   

Ubud attracts all kinds of folk from all over the world; from the digital nomad to the spiritual seeker, you'll meet creatives, musicians, hippies and of course the regular main stream tourist chasing that 'Eat Pray Love' experience 

Although it is surrounded by some of the lushest nature, Ubud is surprisingly busy, especially in the centre of town. Staying outside of the centre is best if you can ride a scooter (small motorbike) and if not, look for one of the few quieter places to stay in town and everything is in walking distance